17 Futuristic Reasons Why Japan is Living 100 Years Ahead of Us

Considering factual information as undependable to declare Japan as being a hundred years ahead of us in every sense, one can always take a route of pictures to prove the statement. In simpler words, Japan is living in 2118 while the rest of the world is stuck in 2018. Not getting into the facts of which time machine helped them in attaining these goals, we’d rather jump right into the photographic evidence.

These pictures are enough to show you why exactly Japan is so far ahead of us. WIth their capsule hotels, indoor water parks, and resourceful washrooms, there’ not much they haven’t already ticked off the list.

So let’s go on with the impressive gallery. Japan is really hitting it off with all the right kind of things.


1. Grooming the dogs in cube form is the latest trend.


2. A min-McDonald’s for your small lunch breaks.


3. These shiny Black Fries will give you all kinds of foodgasm.


4. They will even give you a watermelon with your favorite character on it.