16 Gym Activities which cannot Be Considered As ‘Normal’

In this fast-paced world, we all strive to be a part of the health-driven club (which is kind of new). As you all might already know, staying fit isn’t as easy as it sounds. One needs to sacrifice a lot to reach their health goals.

It might be easy for some people but there are others who find it particularly hard. However, this article is not about that. It’s about the people who go to gyms and face a situation or person which cannot be considered as ‘normal’. There is something extraordinary about the way they have managed to stand out from the crofwd. You will have to have a look at them and then rethink your life priorities because what are you even doing in life if not being a part of these gym-goers clubs?


1. This passive-aggressive note attached to the mirror in a gym. It kinda explains it all.


2. “My dad’s client at the gym turned 99 today.”.

Enjoying every single moment.


3. Probably to keep the sweat out of his headphones so they don’t break.


4. When you are in PF, you act like you are in PF because if it isn’t 100, it doesn’t count.