4 Gym Freaks show What Happens When You Eat Junk Food for A Week

Who doesn’t love eating some greasy foods over the weekend? We all know it’s unhealthy and it can easily become a bad habit once you can’t control the cravings for fast food. All the fried foods and take out which are so easily available and cheap at the same time, are hard to resist. I get weak in the knees for McD’s fries, like literally.

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Many health enthusiasts and people who work out regularly were once on an unhealthy diet too, but they made a choice which is the hardest part of the change. Having a fit and healthy physique is all 80% of the food we consume and 20% exercise. So, the food we eat is what that matters the most.


Here are the symptoms of how eating unhealthy can destruct our health.

Apart from the extra weight that we put on, fluctuation of blood pressure and sugar levels, depression, bloating, feeling lethargic all the time, a decrease in concentration, dry and scaly skin, breakouts, eye bags, breathlessness, etc. are all in to break down our body slowly.


To show this drastic change of unhealthy food consumption, four health freaks took up the challenge to experiment what junk food does to our bodies.

David Templer, Paige Modeste, James Tilley, and Emma Taylor began this unhealthy diet that lasted for a week; all of them are punctual gym goers and eat clean meals. But for a week they had to consume only fatty and greasy foods.

After the week was over here are their Before & After pictures:

This is James Tilley, you can clearly see how his stomach and other body parts are bloated.

The 25-year-old said,

“I ate a diet packed with takeaways and fast food and after transforming myself, have no intention of ever going back to that place. I was anxious heading into the challenge because I’ve been there before. The first couple of days I enjoyed eating rubbish but then I noticed the change in my body. My abs were less defined, and my body felt spongy. That really got me down mentally.”