16 Hapless People who are Yelling “I’m the Unluckiest Person Ever”

Luck plays a great role in making all that’s working around you turn in your favor. After all, how can you succeed in your dreams, if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time or a pigeon chooses your hair as its new nest and p00ps on it. Not what you had in mind, did ya? Same is the case with the people in the below compilation. First of all, they didn’t plan all the bad things happening to them (not like anyone does) and secondly, they didn’t see it coming (not like anyone does).

Putting it in simpler words, it wasn’t their day and they could have done nothing to make it work otherwise for them. In case, you are having one, rejoice because you didn’t end up in below compilation.


1. Well, good luck trying to get it out of there. It’s probably stuck forever.


2. This is how a cheater pays the price of being an infidel to their other half. Though, it appears to be quite harsh.


3. Some loading said hi-five to the ground for no reason. Probably, not what they had in mind.


4. Cannot let it go to waste now, can we? Probably not. Just sip it.