Highly Magnified Photos of Human Organs that might Stun You

Discovery of the ‘Microscope’ opened up an immense number of possibilities in the science and medical studies of humankind. We can now have a much closer look at minute things which wasn’t accessible by our naked eyes before. From DNA strands to blood cells, everything can be seen under the microscopic view with the help of the powerful lenses.

The most interesting of all being the human organs. Imagining what our various parts will look like up close isn’t too hard. However, you will be shell-shocked after knowing that the expectations don’t match to reality at all. This compilation comprises of microscopic pictures of human organs. You’d be amazed to know how colorful we are on the inside.


1. Heart (coronary artery).

Such a beautiful contrast of colors. Who would thought arteries would have an appearance of a spider’s web?

Sergio Bertazzo

2. Bone.

It looks closer to icy cheese more than anything else.

David Gregory & Debbie Marshall

3. Skin.

There has to be some similarity between a honeycomb and the skin under a microscope.

David Gregory & Debbie Marshall

4. Small intestine.

The small intestine has a touch of disco balls to it. If you unleash your creativity, you’d see humans dancing in close proximity.

S. Schuller