18 Good-Humoured Pics of Cats that’ll Poke Your Heart

Cats are a gift to mankind. In case you were skeptical about it, there are enough examples to prove it to you that one day, cats are going to rule over us. They know the ‘what and ifs’ when they want to. Plus, the atmosphere can get quite cute when they choose to do so. There is only so much human power you have over a little ball of fur adamant to turn you into a pile of goo.

Here comes a superpower the world has been waiting for – super cats. You are going to be blown away by the sheer adorableness of them. Tighten your seat-belts, people. Here they come.


1. Doesn’t it look like he is not getting along with the kitten? The savagery mode is on.

2. This is touching my heart in ways it’s hurtful. *cries in a corner*

3. Cannot fight the cat if he wants you to be his human.

4. Isn’t this the cutest thing you have seen all day? It’s simply adorable.