16 Alarming Illustrations that Portray the True Notion about Society

The world, as we know it, is going under a rapid change as a race we didn’t see coming. Technology is taking over the human mind of all ages. Feelings and emotions aren’t high priorities with relationships turning virtual. An era in which marriages will exist within the realm of the internet isn’t a far-fetched idea anymore.

In short, we are losing our root concepts, exhausting our resources and the grip on our real-selves is weakening fast.

Addressing all the aforementioned issues, artists from all over the world have created various illustrations to portray the real-side of the society we live in.


1. Cloud storage has become the only way of making sure that it rains.


2. People are losing the concept of what is important in life and what is not.


3. Just because the majority is on the wrong side it doesn’t mean they are right.


4. The waste generated by us has affected the ecosystem in ways we didn’t even imagine.