Adorable Illustrations that Shows Us the Bits and Pieces of A Love-Story

Love is the most beautiful feeling on earth, I didn’t say that, but a lot of people do. If you ask me, I’d say that it is the most real feeling one could ever feel because you can’t fake it. Whatever kind it is, love for a child, father, mother, friend, spouse, etc.

But today, we wanna highlight the love between two people as partners. How it travels across their time spent together, the way it sways with them. The illustrations of Artist Yaoyao Ma Van As will exactly show you how love sneaks into the life of a couple in different kinds of situation.

And, always knows this, “Love happens in the most unexpected places with the people you never thought you’d love”. So watch out for the weird ones.


First Meeting: He is out shopping for Christmas Eve dinner and she is well obviously buying too many gifts.

They bump and that’s how they noticed each other.

Christmas Day, they were colleagues all along, they know the existence of each other but never seen eye to eye until now.

That bump was quite a strong one, fate brought them together.

They start stalking each other online while snacking at the same.

This part is crucial, looking at their photos, other interests, etc.

He takes her out for some “Fries”. Who would say no to fries though?

Maybe he found out that fries are her weakness, this man is smart.