Truthful Illustrations Compare The Differences between Raising The First Child and The Second

Being a parent isn’t the easiest thing in the world. A kid can keep you on your toes around the clock, which in return leads to sleepless nights and anxiety about whether you are doing it right or not. It’s quite understandable for the new parents to go over and beyond for their firstborn kid.

However, when it comes down to the second child, not only are they much more experienced in the task, they also have a clear vision of how the things will go. Level of anxiety also goes down to a great extent. All in all- having the first and second child is altogether a different experience. These illustrations will break it down much better.


1. Raising the first child gives the parents enough experience to handle the second one in a much better way. They are no longer on their toes all the time.

2. Every achievement of the first-born is much more important than the second one.

3. Re-using the clothes of the first child is somewhat mandatory and traditional for most parents.

4. The birth of the second-born is much easier to process and understand as compared to the firstborn when the parents didn’t know what to do.