18 Images that’ll Leave You Wonder “What’s Going On”

The world is full of things that we can’t understand. Yes, it is one big blue planet we are living in and there are so many things going on in it that we can’t probably have an answer for all of it. Even in our daily lives, there are many occurrences that we don’t know how to simplify to grasp the nature of it. It’s easier to deal with it if we just believe that it’s not necessary for us to know and understand everything. Let it remain a mystery by itself, the way it poked through your mind.

I know that curiosity can really be a pain in the backside because it never stops itching and that is why we got some content for it to feed on. Have a look at these pictures which will make you question ten thousand times.


1. “10 AM in Brussels, Belgium. I was all alone on the tram.”

I guess you overslept and missed the apocalypse.


2. “At midnight the clock on my oven says 24:00 rather than 00:00.”

It is trying to fool time, quite daring!


3. He got a bad sunburn on his bald head and now he can create holes in it.

As his forehead swelled up really bad.


4. Different cars with the same license plate in the same parking lot.

How coincidental is this?