16 Insane&Hilarious Co-Workers, You Wish You Had In Your Office

Working in an office behind the desk from 9 to 5 can be very exhausting and boring most of the time because you know nothing new ain’t gonna happen. You already know what to expect in your work plus it’s the same old cycle every day. Some employees just let it go and keep following the everyday routine work but there are some who will try anything in their strengths to lighten things up.

These are the ones who will give a laugh break in your boring office life once in a while. Also, they have higher chances of getting themselves in trouble but it’s worth the risk. If you had colleagues like them you’d love going to work every day. That’s for sure!


1. A group of ER nurses took the liberty to rename the gummy bears.

They are quite interesting and funny.


2. He likes taking the pic of his colleague every day and experimenting with them.

The pirate one looks so real.


3. “I’m too short to see over the cubicle walls. So I made a cut out of my face in a stick and use it when I talk to my neighbors”.

This is a great way to solve the height problem.


4. His coworkers shrank his table while he was away.

They got some talent, man!