18 Insights on Marvel’s Visual Team who Designed The Superheroes & Villains

It’s one thing to design the characters for 2D comic books but to bring them out in real life-size and to make them look genuine must be a tough job to take up. And it’s not just for a single movie series, as you know, Marvel Cinematic Universe is the diverse and most remarkable organization with a huge fan following all over the world; the time lapse between Iron Man to Infinity War has seen a lot of miracles that we get to see on screen.


And no, there aren’t any spoilers ahead.

We just want to give you some insight on the visual team who worked their magic in bringing the Marvel Superheroes to life. But, as a side note, have you watched the Avengers: Infinity War yet? If not, what are you still doing? You can read this later. Go watch the movie first!


In a recent press conference, Buzzfeed had some time to discuss with the talented artists of Marvel’s Visual Development team, and you’re going to love what they revealed.


From left to right: Ryan Meinerding (Head of Visual Development), Andy Park (Visual Development Supervisor), Anthony Francisco (Senior Visual Development Illustrator), Jackson Sze (Senior Visual Development Illustrator), and Rodney Fuentebella (Senior Visual Development Illustrator).

1. Ranging from costumes, armors, and character designing of the superheroes and villains is the core job of the visual team.

Ryan says,

“Working on superhero movies, you’d think it might be the same thing over and over again, but each character brings its own unique challenges and its own set of history and iconography. And finding ways of translating that from the comics into the story world they’re creating for the film is always a unique challenge.”


2. Most of the work carried out by the costume designers were initially impossible.

Ryan said,

 “We definitely collaborate and talk with the costume designers to figure out if there’s something we’re doing that’s pushing things too far, that they think can’t be done practically. And what we each bring to the table allows us to reach a result that couldn’t have been accomplished by either one of us alone.”


3. The team also takes a full body scan of the actors playing the character for perfect fittings.


“We’re not just like throwing this impossible thing out there and saying, ‘Make this work!’ Marvel Studios has a way of focusing on the iconic image and then finding a way of making it happen,”