20 Inspirational Medical Stories that’ll Tear You Up

Being mortals who will eventually get old and die someday, it’s kind of necessary to be bounded by a medical team sooner or later. Unfortunately, some people have accidents, deadly and incurable diseases which lead them to lose their life at a young age. Our hearts and condolences go out to their families and, of course, to the doctors who stood by their side in their final hours.

In order to celebrate the undying bond of kindness and sympathy for a patient by a doctor or a loved one by their family members, here are several tweets that tell tales about the emotional incidents shared by doctors and survivors.


1. People would say it’s a coincidence but sometimes things happen for a greater reason that we can’t contemplate.

Paper birds on walls mean new beginnings and growth, so this is symbolic of the patient’s death.

2. Miracles do exist sometimes.

We hope you’re fit and fine now B.

3. This is a serious case to survive.

Anyone living through that fatal accident will, of course, be grateful to their doctors.

4. To listen is also a medicine of its own kind that heals.

They both look so content and happy.