16 Inspiring Acts of Goodness in Humanity that Should Be Praised

Everybody is so busy chasing their own dreams and turning them into a reality that we hardly have time to take a moment and appreciate the life we are given. While everything is running just so fast we lost the track of time and get stuck in the realm of a rat race. You see, not everybody is good but not everybody is bad either! We all have two sides, one good, and one evil. It all depends on us to choose which one we wanna be.

And when it comes to the point of humanity, we think that we’ve lost it and it’s gone, but that ain’t true. The thing is, we just fail to see and feel it while being blinded by worldly things. Though we don’t see an act of kindness every day they do exist in a far corner where human pride hides it away. To highlight these moments, here are a few pictures to do the justice.


1. “My wife and I were worried our daughter would have a hard time making friends in kindergarten. Turns out I have a different problem on my hands. ”

He should be worried about young boyfriends.

2. “This is the last note my grandfather left my grandma before he died.”

Love is indeed the most beautiful feeling in the world.


3. Dads participating at ‘doing your daughter’s hair’ day.

How cute is this?


4. “It’s not always easy being a single dad, but sometimes I get to experience some things other dads might not.”

Indeed a special moment they both will cherish forever.