21 Instances where Celebrities were Super-Annoyed By Paparazzi

Life of a celebrity is a bitter-sweet situation all round the clock. The outside world that they chose to show us are all glamorous and geared up making them look like Gods and Goddesses but really they are normal humans like us on the inside. It’s truly sad to think that people like us who are on the other side of the screen wanna know everything about them that it actually affects their lives miserably.

Because of their secret stories and lifestyle that we feed on, the paparazzi follow them everywhere to squeeze out every ounce of juice from them. They may get their bit to write a story on or an article, judging what these celebs do and don’t. Having a group of people following and sneaking around you with a camera can be really exhausting. These pictures of celebrities looking so annoyed prove it all.


1. Eva Mendes.

Looks like she just got out of the plane. Hiding her face with her hair.

East News / East News

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

They won’t let him eat in peace.


3. Katy Perry.

In full disguise trying to have a normal walk but somehow they just recognized her.

RS Fotos/The Grosby Group / East News

4. Alec Baldwin.

Seems like he isn’t having a great day handling the paparazzi.