16 Amazing Intellectual Tips that’ll Guide You For A Better Life

As we all work hard to become a better version of ourselves, so many hurdles are thrown our way. With the mindset of making lemonade out of lemons, we step our foot in the real world, only to be served with coconut instead. And as the saying goes, you cannot make lemonade out of it because coconut doesn’t fit. Let’s be frank for a moment – coconuts just won’t do.

Hence, while striving to understand the curveball life throws at us, it’s advised you get creative with the task of getting smarter and stronger. The advice in the below compilation might just help you with that.


1. They keep it there out of your eye level so that your focus is on the shelves which help them make more money.

Cory Doctorow

2. Because Google is prolly the answer to every problem there is.


3. Their uniform is the color of friendliness for them. You will make new friends this way.


4. So, from now onward, it is advised you start taking more time to chew your food.