16 Irritating Instances that’ll make your Eye Twitch

You know how there are some situations where you look at them and it gives you a headache or a migraine. And guess what, the migraine is not all, you’ll be forced to have a trauma all day long because now you’re super annoyed and you can’t shake it off of your head.

Instances like these can swallow us up anywhere and anytime. You just gotta be alert and quick on your toes. That way maybe you’ll have a chance at avoiding and staying away for them.

Sadly, some people didn’t get the chance to abort the unlikely so here they’re facing the minor miserable which will make you a lot less unlucky.


1. These are stairs meant to walk on not sit.

They are just blocking the way.


2. Life has been a big lie, hasn’t it?

This is a sad moment of realization.


3. A single package for one apple, really?

The most unnecessary thing ever.


4. On a scale of 1-10, how annoyed are you with this shirt?

Maybe a high 9.9 or something, right?