James Is Back with More Hysterical Photoshop Edits As He Roasts People

In the 21st century world that we live in today, the media production of fashion and beauty has enhanced it fields so much that the genuine feel of it has lost its essence. The toll that has taken in our social media lives to achieve the perfect image. And this is where photo manipulation found its way to generate in our streams. Ever since the dawn of airbrush photoshops used by brands all over the world, the journey is still going.

A famous graphic designer from Britain named James Fridman is being highlighted in this category as he has an enormous fan following on social media for his comedic take on transforming the pictures of his clients. His customers come to him for perfecting and enhancing their pictures but he takes them as a challenge to make things really funny. With just a simple reply of “sure” or “done” he makes history by editing the funniest content.


1. She just wanted the Hollywood sign to be visible enough.

But, that ain’t what James had it mind.

2. I do agree her hands are in an awkward position.

But if it starts swinging and takes off, she’ll reach Mars in no time.

3. He did make them bigger, can’t deny that!

Just a little bit humongous I guess.

4.  More American being the keyword.

He was asking for it.