People Tweet Out their Best “My Teacher Is Weird” Stories, and It’s Freaking Hilarious

We all remember our favorite teachers during our lives as students. S/he is someone who inspired us in ways we never thought was possible. Apart from our beloved teacher, there are a few who leaves their marks in the infinity of time. They become a part of our school memories either for something they did out of the blue or a non-stereotypical teaching technique they undertook.

Famous talk show host Jimmy Fallon started a Twitter thread with the hashtag “MyTeacherIsWeird” which celebrates such teachers who managed to stay in our memories forever. Not only are these Tweets hilarious but they will also leave you sighing in nostalgia.


1. That exact moment when you realize you have a really cool teacher.


2. How coincidental it is for the same teacher to teach all of the sisters.


3. Let’s give him a round of applause for the continuity he managed to maintain.


4. It makes you wonder what his wife must’ve done.