18 Kind Acts from Strangers that’ll Melt Even The Coldest Hearts

Looking at the present condition of our world today, it is very easy to assume that every single one of us is filled with pride and greed. Times have changed and the globe has taken its turn that every creature living on it has evolved in their best interest. Nowadays, it is very hard to find people with a kind and humble heart. Because everyone is busy in their own world running a race to win their own specific goals.

But not everything is lost, there is a glimpse of humanity in our hearts deep inside us. We just get distracted by the greed and get accustomed to being heartless. All we need is to do what feels right and not care about what people might or may think. Look at these people below, they will surely inspire the goodness in you.


1. The act of true kindness is this.

He raises money for his treatment and gave that away too.


2. We need more people like this person.

Just a helping hand to someone.


3. Gender, caste, religion, we really do try hard to differentiate ourselves.

But the truth is we’re all just humans with flesh and bones.


4. Look at them, the boy helping out his mate.

Aren’t they the cutest?