90-Year-Old Lady paints Beautiful Floral Patterns On the White Walls across Her Village

Age doesn’t make a difference when you’re born with a gift that creates masterpieces of art. Yes, over time people do get wiser and experience more which makes them stronger and well-rounded. But no matter how young or old, in the field of art, it doesn’t make much difference.

Talk about this old lady who is 90 years old but still strong at heart and paints her town in Blue. Living in Louka, Czech Republic, Anežka (Agnes) Kašpárková who is a former agricultural worker is painting her town with vibrant blue paint making floral designs that are so beautiful in the white walls of her neighborhood. The pattern is inspired by traditional Moravian (southern Czech) artwork.


Here are some of the intricate hand-drawn paintings she made.

The patterns are really strong and vibrant. Look at how distinctive they are.