16 Lazy-Bums for whom ‘Comfort’ is the Most Important Thing

Laziness doesn’t warrant any inherent talent. It is one which an individual nurtures over the years until the moment they perish away. The perpetual need for ‘feeding the brain’ to come up with new ideas so as to ensure the person owning it not having to move physically to fulfill any kind of task is quite understandable.

In this compilation, you will stumble across humans existing between us whose creative minds supported them in exploring new ways of making a task simpler. Not only are they quite handy with simple things but the manner in which they bring them to use will make you tilt your head to one side exclaiming, ‘Woah!’.


1. Cleaning the bathroom tiles have never been this simpler before. Gotta give the credit where its due.


2. The gas pump needs to do its own damn job for one day.


3. Multi-tasking has always been a strong suit for some. Cheers to them.


4. When you have no clean dishes left and still refuse to wash any.