Life on Arctic Circle, Harsh Climatic Condition yet a Beautiful Place

The climate condition of a place is one of the most important criteria. It is the main character that binds everything together, the life, nature, the people and of course all the other elements too. One such extreme climatic zone we are going to feature here is the Arctic Circle.

It is the northernmost point of the five major circles with an average winter temperature ranging from −34 °C to 0 °C (−29 to +32 °F) which can drop to −50 °C (−58 °F) in harsh conditions. (Source)

You can imagine how hard it must be to live there, but the people living there have their own ways of blending in with the cold and making it a livelihood. Here are some of the lifestyle and conditions the people of the Arctic Circle follow.


Yes, it is the land of the amazing Winter Sports that people from every corner of the world come yearly to participate.

The white mountain ranges with the heavy white snow host numerous winter sports every year.


Due to the extremely cold climate, holidays in the Arctic circle can last up to 4 months.

This is because of the result of the heavy snowing and other temperature problems that forbids people from being at work or outside.


Now, this is a problem, a rather annoying one. Getting your vehicle stuck in a cave of snow.

If you think you can just park your car outside and leave it for a while during heavy snow flow, think again! Engines will stop, the battery goes down, and your car will be buried in snow.


Trees don’t grow much in this harsh weather.

But the summer is beautiful, the landscape, nature is at it’s best version.

sergunt / depositphotos