16 Life-Hacks of The 90’s that Only Some Of Us will Remember

Other than the 90’s being the decade you dear were born in, it was also a glorious time of new-age tech and modernization. Of course, it was always loud because it was the last decade between two centuries, so everything was on steroids. The music, fashion trends, let’s just say that the pop culture of the late 90’s and the early 2000’s will remain unforgotten forever.

Even the life hacks of this time were so cool that people today still talk about them. Yes, it’s a little old for our taste now but the hip and swag of the Walkman and other gadgets never really gets old. And talking about life hacks, we are going to pay homage from where it all began, so stay put and enjoy the show.


1. If the tag is still on it means it’s still new and valuable.

So simple, but how could we be this ignorant?

2. Okay, basically, math is easier than art?

Is that what they’re trying to say?

3. If you still own few of these, you gotta try them out.

Definitely worth the jackpot!

4. Because those days were the golden days of rewinding.

You kids won’t understand.