Clever Man gets ‘Dominos’ To Deliver A Pizza on A Live Boarding Train, and He shares Everything

Traveling is fun and exciting but it can also be as hectic as it is exciting. Getting it all packed and ready, catching the flight, train or bus on time. You see, it’s all about the psychological pressure because you know that you’re traveling so you can never be at ease and your mind won’t rest as you always have to be alert. And what if you forgot to grab a meal and boarded the train which you didn’t know whether it provides food or not?

A similar case happened recently to a man who was traveling by train. He hopped onto his seat and didn’t realize that he didn’t check whether the train has a bar or not, plus he didn’t eat anything yet. The journey is 5 hours long and he can’t starve for that long. But he comes up with a crazy idea of ordering a pizza at the upcoming stations. Check out his live tweets about the whole process.


1. It can be the worse kind of idiot because not many people forget to eat.

Unless you’re a busy person, like mad busy!

2. The hunger can make a person do anything.

The motivation is strong.

3. Smart choice, this person knows what he is doing.

Are we sure this is his first time doing it?

4. Also puts a screenshot of his route.

To ensure people I guess.