16 Very Millennial Hotel Hacks that Every Hospitality Industry should Follow

It can be quite frustrating for the travelers if the hotel they have booked turned out to be a few steps down from what it was claiming to be when you booked it. That is not what you expect after traveling for long hours to reach your destination. Not only can it annoy you a bit but also put down your mood for the rest of the trip.

After going through these pictures, the only thought popping in your head will be why hasn’t everyone thought of getting these. Well, they should.


1. The steamed up mirrors can really be the reason for annoyance at times. Here come the heated mirrors.


2. Putting pizza on speed dial is literally one of the best things any hotel can provide.


3. As long as we are talking about mirrors, let’s stare at the upgraded version of televisions.


4. A bottle opener attached to the wall can come in handy when you want to enjoy your bath with some drinks.