18 Insane Moments that Need a Place in History for their Failures

Failure is something not all of us are used to but does it stop it from knocking our door once in a while? Nope! Hence, it is better if we did some ‘getting used to the entire situation that is life’. You can’t go around complaining about things unless you have scraped your knee at least once or twice fighting the odds against you.

This compilation is about things and people who failed at various points in time. You will feel a bit motivated by the end of it, knowing all too well that you are not a loner in the category.


1. A pack which is literally the best one in the market… Or should I say the beast?


2. The newest subway station in Moscow. They have built-up the mystery quite nicely.


3. They must have been quite high on something when they named the shop.


4. Who said being different was a good thing? What a fool!