16 Morons who might Win An Oscar For Their Idiocrisy

With so many brain cells at our disposal, it is actually quite rare that people decide not to use them while doing basic things. However, the number of people who actually do not bring the grey matter to use isn’t as uncommon as you’d think. Not only are these people all over the world, sadly – they are also all over the internet.

In fact, there are so many of them, I will be shocked if you haven’t stumbled upon one already. In case, you haven’t, this is your lucky day. This list is compiled of people who are not only downright stupid but also they also live to impress us with it.


1. “Can you hold for a moment? I dropped my baby.”

Get your priorities straight, lady.


2. You need a big band-aid to fix a big door. There is no other way around it.


3. A man gotta do what he gotta do. There’s no stopping him.


4. The man got his finger stuck at Chipotle. How very mature of him!