21 Nope-Worthy Images that’ll make You say “Enough Internet for Today”

A lot of things around you can be described with just one word- nope. How do you know when to use the term for something? There might be a lot of giveaways for it. For one, you will feel a trail of goosebumps erupting from your skin. Secondly, there is something close to cringing you will feel whenever you glance at them.

In case, it is still unclear to you what a nope-worthy scenario is, this compilation will clear all your doubts because that is all you will be muttering all through it. Nope. Nope. Nope.


1. That’s a version of sightseeing I never want to be accustomed to. Just staring at it is provoking my phobia of heights.


2. First of all, whoever came up with this idea should be punished for something.


3. There might not be enough nope for you in this picture but show it to your mom and she will tell you why it is wrong to wear slippers on the bed.


4. An unexpected guest is paying a visit today. Let’s welcome it.