Oil Portraits So Stunning You will Think They are Unreal

The emotional bonding of capturing memories in photographs keeps it safe, away from the clutches of time. A photograph has no substitute in terms of how it preserves, enriches our lives with the sweetest moments.

You would laugh or ridicule any attempt to convince the following collection wasn’t captured on camera but oil portraits figured by Japanese artist, Yasutomo Oka. These oil portraits make you look beyond camera lens and entrust the human eye to stimulate the spiritual flame.

The artist exhibits a talent that makes every one of us wonder if we could ever sit in front of him and gift ourselves the best portrait of life.


Draw a photograph with oil and imagination.

The artist holds a magnificent view of life in all forms. His portraits give an impression of imagination colliding with reality without expanding or contracting the boundaries.

A photograph is only as real as hand-painted oil portraits.

There’s an uncanny resemblance to the person, situation, surroundings, and mood in every portrait. Such is the level of patience, and focus captured in each of his works.

Beauty woven in shades remains true to the color of spirit.

The artist has confessed on numerous occasions he finds a pair of human eyes the fascinating part of his work. It remains a challenge till now.

Could a photograph hold stillness in the truest form?

This portrait of a Japanese woman looking through window renders the collective spirit of nature at work.