17 Photos proving that Parenting A Kid is Harder than It Seems To Be

If you ever scroll through your Instagram feed and stumble upon a perfect family picture with the parents laughing their hearts out while the kids kiss their cheeks, you have been fooled. There is nothing like a perfect child existing on this planet or any other.

In case, you are a parent yourself, you’d be well aware of what I am talking about here. Kids are quite apt in keeping parents on their toes around the clock. There is almost nothing stopping them from being a pain in unnamable places. After all, you cannot hold a grudge against that adorable face.


1. This little guy has to try all of his mommy’s lipsticks, so he did.


2. The messier they get the more entertained they are.


3. How many pairs of leggings we used to destroy as a kid, remember?


4. Whatever has the ability to be stuck in the hair will inadvertently get stuck in hair.