16 Parents who Should Be Admired for their Outstanding Sense of Humor

We all have different kinds of parents. Some are serious and opinionated, some are fun but crazy, and also the best combinations are the ones who are kind, friendly, and with a good sense of humor. Whether they are friendly or not they all love their kids to the fullest and work so hard to keep them happy. So, cut them some slack if you’re thinking they are a little grumpy. All the pain and sacrifice they’ve gone through to raise you were not a child’s play.

They say that those kids are lucky whose parents are their best friends. It’s amazing because as a kid you can share everything with them, from crushes to awkward puberty stages. Having an adult to teach you what the world has in store for you is what every child really needs. Though some parents may lack the friendly gesture these parents always manage to make you laugh all the time. They are the cutest ever!


1. This is the dream closet every mother wants and needs.

Apart from the bag and shoe collection.


2. Some parents were made to nail the Halloween costumes.

The kids will grow up to see this, God bless their souls.


3. The family tradition has to go on either you’re 13 or 30.

I think she still looks fine in it.


4. Oh my, this is the most relatable menu I’ve ever seen in my life.

They should make one for adults too.