17 People Deliberately Adapting Weird Ways which are Just Amazing

There are several moments in life where you just go with the flow. Yes, it’s the most cliché thing to say but there are actually times that demands an attitude like that. It could be an accident or a moment where your adrenaline rush controls your mind or maybe you were just born that way. Meaning you like to do things in the most complicated way.

You might think that I am kinda glorifying insanity, well you know what, insanity is also a kind of behavior that exists for a reason. Without it, you wouldn’t know what normal or sanity is. So, go ahead and let your craziness side flow because we are going to fill you up with a few of the most irrational people doing crazy things.


1. Do not say anything to this lady, this is the aftermath of a trauma.

So let her just have popcorn and the movie.


2. Dog-walking is so overrated nowadays.

He is walking his duck in the snow.


3. Gross! If you weren’t drunk this is unacceptable.

No one can do this in their right mind.


4. She really is the fan of Nimbus broom collection.

She needs her acceptance letter from Hogwarts.