16 People facing Bad Situations that’re So Dramatic

If you’re having a bad day, the only way to make yourself feel better is by knowing that you’re not alone. Hey, we don’t wanna sound weird but it is true. It’s like, when you drop your favorite ice cream after the first lick, you almost cry but then your friend spills his ice-cream too, and you feel somewhat better, see?

Not saying we are bad but humans have a certain way of coping with accidents, and one of them being ‘seeking comfort in someone else’s bad fortune because you had a lousy day’. So, if you’re in a mess right now you’ll enjoy this collection.


1. Leave the double, this isn’t even a single.

This is empty, like totally.


2. She is going to hate peacocks for the rest of her life now.

And peacocks in the future will never be able to make up for this.


3. Cody, I think it’s time for you to find another job.

They have your name in red.


4. At least it is a reliever, imagine if it was a giver, like a rash-giver.

Imagine the number of times you’d throw up.