19 People who can’t Be Judged If They’re Smart Or Stupid

People always relate innovation to a genius mind. If you or anyone you know have ever been the reason something amazing was born, then you’d know what we are talking about. Adding a crispy edge to an already existing product gives you a cutting win over it. The result might be something which is more useful or it might be a disaster which everyone wants to reject. In either case, they are worth a mention.

Pictures in this compilation will make you wonder if the people who come with these ideas were actually geniuses or just a group of dumb people. It’s for you to decide and for us to find out.


1. This might not look legit to you but there is proof telling this was an amazing invention by an engineer.


2. Because they can only win if they are united.


3. The amount of creativity that went into this advertisement is simply marvelous.

Eskişehir Hanimları

4. The bedding is as comfortable as it is possible for it to be.