18 People who were Far Too Creative in Posing with Statues

You know how some statues have unique poses which don’t look necessarily normal and they kinda give off a funny vibe. There are numerous ways to make them look funnier and interesting, one of them being; when the tourist who visits them inhibits their wild nature and blend in with the sculptures creating a fun theme for photographs.

The Internet is a place where you’ll find a lot of such pictures, this time around you don’t have to do the searching because we already have a crazy collection that you’d definitely enjoy watching. Get ready to have a look at them, you won’t regret it.


1. A lot of stretching going on in here.

He seems very constant about his spot though.


2. The gossip is very steamy out here.

I wonder who they are talking about.


3. Yeah, just showing him what he was missing in the paper.

I think it’s the sports column.


4. Almost there, hang on, the shape is coming.

She has been waiting for this moment.