16 People who Improvised Crazy Yet Genius Solutions

When it comes to solving problems on the go, whether you like it or not you just gotta come up with the most efficient ideas quickly which may look stupid as hell. You’d feel embarrassed but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. And also these solutions won’t make sense at all if you sit and think about it but whatever works for the moment, if you’re left with no options, you gotta take it!

I have a handful of stories like that and I know all of you guys do as well. We may wanna hide them and all but these people below, they clearly don’t mind sharing it to the world. So, we might as well just enjoy it, right?


1. Marry yourself a wife that knows how to cover up your child’s wall drawing like this.

She is the coolest and smartest.


2. Riley isn’t feeling so artistic today, but he never gives up!

He made a worm lego, impressive!


3. This is basically why they invented swimming goggles.

She is doing a favor to womankind.


4. This lady is also solving every woman’s dilemma of shaving legs.

You don’t know how hard it is to reach all the corners.