16 People who were Unexpectedly Left with Bad Outcomes

Imagine your day going perfectly well until the moment something out of the blue happens, you are shocked out of your mind. Life seems to throw so many hurdles at you, there is actually no time to dodge. You are hit hard on the face by some of the bad timings and worse incidents.

Considering it as a test, all you can do is move forward. If you are one of those individuals who think life has been cruel only to you, think again. In case, thinking doesn’t help, visual evidence definitely will. This compilation will definitely assist you in figuring out it’s not just you- luck has been messing with.


1. All she wanted was to open the car door. Turns out it is not as easy as it sounds.


2. Not only this person shaved off his hair, but he also got sunburned and swollen up as well.


3. The cans overheated and exploded tearing the box apart. What a darn scary moment!


4. Wearing ripped jeans for one day is all it takes for the sun to burn through your skin.