21 People who Deeply Regretted Asking Strangers To Click Their Photos

In the world that we live in, co-dependence prominently exists among us. So it is quite understandable if you ask a fellow human to take a picture for you. After all, selfies can only take you so far. Unfortunately, the kind of professional expectations one has from a random stranger is unjustified. So when the people in the below compilation managed to destroy the picture they took, we were not all that shocked.

This gallery is made up of pictures which were stabbed in the face by the people taking it. Not that you can blame them. Why? Because you can’t find them.

Hence, think at least a hundred times before you ask someone walking beside you to take a lovely picture.


1. The picture is taken by a really tall person who obviously was unable to fit the guy in the frame.


2. Whoever took this forgot about the son. How very nice of them!


3. Well, the above one was still better than this person who forgot everyone. I repeat, everyone.


4. Asking a stranger to take your picture but then by mistake, they open the front camera and create a spectacular photo you will remember. Forever.