16 People who might Be Trashy or Just Don’t Care About Anything

We all have that moment when being classy is not an option but it is an essential requirement. It doesn’t take away anything from the devil inside us which aspires to be trashy. If you are denying that you have never done anything in life which can be compared to a real-life trash can, I will call you a liar. In the secret of the dark alleys, everyone’s trashy side roams in eerie silence.

However, these people didn’t use a façade to hide their ugly side. In fact, they embraced it. After all, we are to love every bit of trashiness that exists within.

So go through the compilation but hey, no judging. Or maybe you can, who is looking right?


1. This guy at the gas station we all hope didn’t know what the back of his t-shirt meant.


2. The courage and self-awareness that it takes to get a tattoo with an unsolicited announcement.


3. I think this woman didn’t take her driving lessons too seriously just like she doesn’t take life seriously.


4. There’s no surprise with this one. After all, people are smart enough to make a rich person richer, they can do just about anything.