16 People who Literally Tried So Hard to be Funny It Hurts

When people intend to make a joke it is not entirely necessary that it’ll make people laugh. First of all, if the joke is creepy and weird, yeah, people will just shoo away. Being funny is also an inborn talent. Some people don’t even try but whatever they say or do just cracks up anyone around them.

A lot of people, let’s say amateurs at being funny, tried their best to nail the job but the result didn’t deliver. So, these instances were obviously captured on cameras to be shared with people but little did they know it would end in laughs. Here are some of the most bizarre cases that we found on the internet. Try and see if it makes you laugh or cry.


1. It’s a baby, and they can’t fly.

You may love baseball but nope, not today, daddy!


2. Have you girls gone bananas?

Someone should walk up to them and tell them fruits are not pets.


3. You came all the way to this aisle to decide that you don’t need that bra.

You clearly need to sort out your priorities.


4. He is holding her bag and also giving her a foot massage.

It’s a free country and all but really? In a bus? He is sweet though!