16 Pets Who Got A Disastrous Hairdo and Their Owners Have No Shame

We all know animals are this cute ball of fur with a special quality to befriend us in no time. Having them as pets is simply a privilege. Then, there are some humans who like to have a competitive streak in them which always pushes them over the edge, telling them to try something new whenever they see other pets with an edgier hairstyle.

But just like human experiments, these ones don’t go according to their plan either. It all transforms from a big ball of cute fur to a big ball of mess. They are just tragic. Hence, it’s better you go through all these tragedies so that you do not decide to experiment on your pet in the future.


1. This guy with his square face looks like a block rather than a dog.


2. The dog is as taken back by his appearance as we are. Set him free, kind human. Give him a sock.


3. “What is wrong with you, humans”?


4. Frankly, this is cruelty against the animal. Someone should be punished.