Photographer spends 17 Years to Capture the Beauty of Mongolia, and the Result is Fascinating

Winters, however, are lethal. In 2004. Lagrange and his team were caught in a snowstorm.

The situation got so bad, people had to evacuate the area, like the family in below picture.

Once his jeep got stuck in the snow. An army convoy helped them and took them to the army base on the Chinese border. It was there this picture was taken.

“The rescue was an example of the incredible resilience and determination I have often seen and admired in the Mongol people,” said Lagrange.

Hospitality is one of the major customs of the Mongolian culture. You will feel welcomed even in the most unfriendly of weathers.

It was in 2006, he visited Horshoolol Sports Club in Ulaanbaatar where wrestlers were practicing for Naadam.

It is a yearly festival in which Mongolians compete in archery, wrestling, and horse-riding.