Photographer spends 17 Years to Capture the Beauty of Mongolia, and the Result is Fascinating

It was during that time only when he watched acrobats training for the National Circus in Ulaanbaatar.

Lagrange saw workers loading flour bags from wheat in 2005.

The intensity of Lagrange’s project can be estimated by seeing these two pictures side by side. It was one of the first images he shot. It is of a ranger named Altai.

The picture on the right is of Altai this past April. As you can see he has aged a lot. Lagrange said it is due to the constant exposure Altai has to Mongolia’s harsh weather and his love for a drink.

“Death is an omnipresent thing in the daily life of villages in Mongolia,” said Lagrange.

He would often revisit the people he had met and gift them the portraits he took before, It was then he found out that someone in the family has passed away in the intervening period.

It was the time around his second trip he decided he has to make a book about Mongolia. Though, he didn’t anticipate it will take him 17 years to cover the vast culture of Mongolia.

You can also go through his Instagram to see more of his amazing work.