Photographer Takes Her Yard Pictures and Converts them Into Stunning Art

Photography is an art form which involves true creativity along with a personal touch, just like most art forms. As a photographer, one needs to set the tone of the image with a suitable location, props or through the actions of the protagonist. This can be done only if the photographer has envisioned the entire scene beforehand. During this phase, most photographers usually imagine the final edit version as well. Such is the case with an Asian-based photographer, Katrina Yu who started her one-photo-a-day challenge in her backyard and made stunning edits to those pictures using photoshop.

Katrina Yu tends to travel a lot and has to consistently shuffle between Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan. Regular travels made it difficult for her to find locations for each image. So, she decided to turn her backyard as the main studio and use photoshop to infuse magic to these images. The magic creator says herself that,

“The daily ideas are shot [in the backyard], then the magic happens in Photoshop at night.”

The photographer tells a unique story in each picture. She uses the people around her and everyday objects as the center of the theme and then, evolves a story around it by creating great visuals through photoshop.

We have shortlisted some of her finest creations. Here you go.

Creating a reality out of a book’s story.

Swirling in water harmoniously with the fishes.