Photographist Swaps Genders in Sexist Vintage Advertisements, and Not Every Men will Like It

The world has seen an enormous change in the gender equation. Before, people were proud to say that “It’s a man’s world” because indeed it was true. Now, you cannot go about saying something like that, as all genders have emerged and formed their own place. Suppressing of women and male domination was the norm and livelihood of the past. Things have changed now.

The table has finally turned and women around the world are up for their own place which they deserved all along. To show this change in the mechanism, visual artist Eli Rezkallah creates a project called “In A Parallel Universe” where he takes the photographs of highly sexist ads of the dog days and change the gender exploitation in them.

Stay tuned to see the magic he creates and the message he conveys.


1. A woman’s strength was considered so low that they need help in everything.

So the sauce company came up with a bottle cap that was easier to open and slammed a hell lot of sexist nonsense.

2. Wow, is this how they advertised beverage before?

This is just the most ridiculous ad I’ve ever seen.

3. Seriously, a vacuum as a Christmas gift?

How did women survive in those days?

4. This is the heights, how did they even get away with such a sexist and cringy ad?

But then again, girls were not allowed to vote as well.