16 Photographs of Albinos showing the Peculiar Beauty of their Skin Condition

Albinism is a dermatological condition in which the person affected by it has a very unique skin with a complete absence of pigmentation leaving the person whitewashed. It affects the skin, hair, and eyes. Socially, people with albino were mistreated wholly in the past due to their obvious difference in appearance but with the growing knowledge of science and medicine, people now understand the term.

Society has learned to accept this peculiar condition, in fact, albinism is being very attractive towards the eye of fashion, modeling, and art. Many artists today praise their uniqueness by capturing their features. Here are a few pictures that were taken by four professional photographers that we all need to see.


1. Somehow the feature of albinism reminds me of Victorian beauty.

Because then people used to pack up their face with powders to look as white as possible.

Gustavo Lacerda

2. It’s just so incredible to see a white canvas on a human.

Imagine the art you could add on its skin, tattoo artists would go crazy.

Sanne De Wilde

3. They are just so pure and fragile.

They stand out in a crowd and they were meant to, that’s just how it is.


4. There is so much you can do to beautify a person but what if they are blank?

Albinism gives that chance to an artist to create it’s work beautifully.

Justin Dingwall