20 Photos from Award Winning Photographer ‘Arthur Mebius’ which are Hysterically Funny

Arthur Mebius is not only an award winning photographer but he also has a unique talent for telling a story in a single frame. His pictures are short stories portraying the past, the present, and the future. He has worked in this field for 25 years with a detailed experience so much so that he can capture 25 frames in one second. His works have been recognized by big names such as Cannes, D&AD, Epica, and ADC. He has skimmed the advertising industry as well, working along with big and small advertisement firms.

In his own words, “The stories that I like to shoot can be funny, curious, compelling, or all at once.”

This gallery focuses on some of his best works. Here are his Instagram, Vimeo and Website details, in case you want to explore his works.


1. “This wasn’t what I was thinking when they said I could get rock-hard abs.”

2. “I can still skate better than you, Dave. Please shut up.”

3. The way that kid is coming for her, the reaction on her face is completely justified.

4. The Harley-Davidson boycott is working much better than they would have thought.