16 Photos proving that Burning Man 2018 is The Most Gorgeous Festival Of All

There is no denying the fact that festivals like Coachella and Burning Man attract everyone from celebrities to commoners. Running your shoulders with billionaires, celebrities and all sorts of stunning things will cost you a whopping $1500. The big numbers do come with big perks but most of all there are these amazing sights your eyes will visit which happen once in a lifetime for them.

These pictures in this compilation are an absolute delight and one of the reasons why we all love the gist of a music festival. You are going to enjoy every one of these and wish you could be there enjoying all these things. But, at least, you have pictures.


1. No music festival is complete without a giant teddy bear leading the way for smaller ones.


2. Excuse me, miss. What are you doing up there?


3. Let’s ride a giant iron horse because why not? It’s probably the best thing, anyway.


4. Looks like ancient desert markings to me. Something worth having a look at.