20 Appalling Photos that Highlights The Nature of Dystopia in Our Society

The world of commercial marketing and advertising is a pit ball of bias notions filled with dystopian behavioral that sometimes we just give up to acknowledge them. We have seen so many ads and covers come and go which didn’t make any utter sense at all. The people who are responsible for it think that in business everything is flexible, but that’s just not a very good excuse is’t?

There is no scarcity of such nonsense that people took footage of them and made a special place for it on the internet. Kinda like giving glory to something so ridiculous that people need to know it exists. Our society has seen moments like these millions of times and we can’t wait for a cleaner commercial policy until then let’s just pay a silent tribute to these abominations.


1. Last time I checked, books were meant to be read.

What planet is this?


2. Only if you have over 20k followers on IG, then you can take a picture.

If not this security guard will do his deeds.


3. Blood will still be blood even if it’s dark or light.

What kind of nonsense is this? Walmart, this is not funny!


4. Well, it isn’t the first time that politics and business shook hands.

This doesn’t surprise us at all.